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Do you want a building that is energy efficient and provides a comfortable environment for its occupants? Building Automation Systems is geared towards helping you achieve these objectives.

Saturn Style Colour Touch Screen

Through the clever use of sensors and programmed responses, your building can be a pleasant environment within which to work. By ensuring that lights and air-conditioning units in unoccupied areas are not left on unnecessarily, you can save significant energy costs. Sensors can also be programmed to determine the ambient light levels and if the natural light is bright enough, the lights will automatically go off. This ensures that the environment is not too bright and therefore uncomfortable for the occupants.

5085DL Saturn Style DLT

For areas such as Boardrooms, lighting scenes can be programmed into the system, so that with the touch of one button, the lights can be altered to the desired levels. For example:

  • Want to have a general discussion? Touch a button to have all the lights on.
  • Want to do a presentation? Touch a button to dim the lights, except the spotlight on the speaker.
  • Want to use a smaller section of the boardroom? Touch a button to turn on only that section.
  • Not happy with the scenes? They can be reprogrammed without physically rewiring the lights.

This is Building Automation at its best!

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